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miércoles, 31 de mayo de 2017
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MEXICO CITY (Dec 22, 2016) .- After the International Olympic Committee (IOC) granted a karate spot on the Tokyo Olympics program, the specialty in Mexico is preparing to face the long road in Look for the qualification.

However, not only will be the fact of attending the Olympic race, but look for that karatecas as Xhunashi Caballero, who is one of the most advanced, Bertha Gutiérrez, gold in Guadalajara 2011, and Alicia Hernandez, fifth in the Pan-American of Brazil, Write your own story.

Although it is four years before the arrival of the Japanese summer event, the competitors are waiting to know the plan by the Mexican Karate Federation, which already with the Olympic degree will require more budget for the blaze of its competitors.

For Tokyo, a female (10) and a male (10) kata (series of movements) and three weights per sex (total, 60) kumite will be played.

Of the five pesos that are currently in kumite, the federation will convert for the Games the two inferior ones in one, the two superiors in another one and will leave the one of the means.

Therefore, the Mexican Federation of the specialty must have a plan for the selected competitors, who must earn their place in the selective processes arranged by this body.

In view of this, Roberto Hernández García, president of the governing body of karate in Mexico, should be used in depth to put together a plan in which to establish the selection process to begin to form the base representation for Tokyo 2020.

For Arturo Estrada, bronze medalist at the Central American and Caribbean Games Veracruz 2014, the road to Japan will be complicated because it requires support from the sports authorities to comply with the international competitions.

"We are happy because our sport is already Olympic, but now it comes to have the support to give the results and certainly to add points in the world ranking," he said.

And in three years the Mexican karate will have to go to at least 20 competitions to score points in the world ranking, and thus wait for the form of qualification awarded by the International Federation.

"The current situation of the Mexican Karate Federation is complicated, it does not give the support it owes, sometimes we can not go to all qualifying tournaments and that forces us to get on the podium when we can compete," said the Mexican Open champion.

Among those aspiring to reach Tokyo 2020 are Alicia Hernández, fifth in the Pan-American, Bertha Gutierrez, gold in Guadalajara 2011, and Paola Padilla, fifth in the World Youth 2013.
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