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Isabel: Hello, girls! How are going?
Kathe: Hello Isa, I’m fine. Today I’m feeling really good
Dani: Hello Isabel, How are you doing? We didn't see you at the classroom the Saturday

Isabel: Yes, last week I could not attend class I was sick.
Dani: ohhh and how do you feel today
Isabel: today I feel really good
Kathe: what did you have?
Isabel: It was a virus, my whole family is sick.

Isabel: Friends and that they made in the last what places they went?
Kathe: I went to Paris.
Dani: Oh, that’s interesting. How was the weather there?
Kathe: It was nice Warm and sunny.
Isabel: Great! Did you like the food?
Kathe: Of course, it was wonderful. The pasta was amazing, and the pizza was incredible.
Dani: Great

Kathe: And you, Dani, where did you go?
Dani: I was with my family in Spain visiting my brothers
Isabel: Did you have a good time?
Dani: Yes, I did. I hope to go back someday.

Dani: And you, Isa? Did you go on holiday yet?
Isabel: No, not yet. But I’m going to next week!
Kathe: and where will you go Isa
Isabel: I'm going to the United States, with my husband and my son

Dani: Kathe what are your plans for later.

Kathe: Well Dani my short-term plans are to finish my career and I find a job in agreement to what I studied. In the future I want to do a specialization and a master's degree. I will Study languages for next year and I will travel and I will know many countries.

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