Genreal printer problem canon ?

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viernes, 15 de mayo de 2020
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viernes, 15 de mayo de 2020
Full Memory Error:

When you get an error on display showing out of memory when you give command to print anything. The Print will not start or partial print will be there, this happens because of insufficient memory. You can follow following step to fix this error.

Update or Install the new Driver: Drivers are the software which use by the computer to connect or interact with the plotter to give command to print something, this issue sometime arise because of the driver, company updates the driver to fix existing bug or compatible the plotter with new operating system. Just do simple thing update the driver or install the new update and problem will get resolve.
Use of Virtual CPU Memory: Virtual memory is of an operating system that allow a computer to balance or you can say compensate for the Physical memory shortage by transferring data from RAM to disk. If you have window operating system in your computer than you have option to compensate your insufficient memory of your plotter by configuring to virtual memory of the computer.
EnhancePlotter Memory: Some of latest model of plotters are coming with an option of expandable memory, if your plotter has that option then you easily resolve this issue. Just call the company care number or follow the step written in manual about how to expand plotter memory.