Ingles [Cerrado]

jhon darwin - 20 jun 2017 a las 02:20

Ingredients for the cause Stuffed with fish:
A pound of fish
One kilo of parboiled yellow potatoes
A medium onion
Three tablespoons of oil
Six lettuce leaves
Three sprigs of parsley

Three spoonfuls of ground yellow pepper
Mayonnaise to taste
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1 Clean the fish and sancóchalo.
Then remove the spines and tear them apart.
3Sal, pepper, pepper and mayonnaise to taste.
4 Season with salt and pepper, oil and chopped onion.
5Move the potato and season with lemon, salt, pepper and pepper.
6 Place the fish between two layers of potato, bathe it with mayonnaise.
7 Garnish with lettuce leaves and chopped parsley.
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