I was just arriving home from work when the telephone rang. While I was walking to the dining room, where I left the telephone in the morning, I was thinking that perhaps something disagreable was happening. But what?...I answered with some fear:- Hello!.... A rough voice asked if I were Jerry Collins. -Yes, sir-- answered me. - Well, Mr. Jerry, I'm two miles from your home now. I'm a policeman. Sorry, Jerry, but I was driving to Denver and suddenly a dog came directly to my car and I couldn't avoid to crash it. A woman who was standing near the place of the accident came to me and told that this animal is yours.-Oh, no!- claimed I almost without voice- My dear Melvin!- And in a whisper I asked- Is it breathing. - Yes, man! Don't worry! It was lying on the route and I called the vet.
The dog was carried in a hurry to the vet clinic where it was recieving the best attention when I decided calling you. You both have been lucky.
While I was hearing the policeman, life seemed to get back to me. I get on my car and while I was driving to the clinic was giving thanks to Go, because my beloved Melvin was alive
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